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Monday 19th June 2023

If you have ordered BLAG Vol.4 Nø1, HIP HOP, ART and MUSIC books by now, many thanks for your order. 

You kindly pre-ordered your copies which means we’ve been doing interviews and creating content, editing then designing across the titles during the pre-order period.

We’re happy to let you know, Sally has completed the design and Vol.4 Nø 1, the Hip Hop and Art Books which are all ready to print. We will be allocated slots by the printer and they will make each copy individually then production will ship to you. 

Each take approx 15-25 working days to complete. 

You’ll receive an email from us to update you once your copy has shipped.

Please note Sally and Sarah contracted Covid quite badly during production and have been held up by approximately six weeks. 

Books and magazines go through production one at a time with each taking 10-25 working days to complete. As always, you will be notified by email with shipping info.

We are currently working on the following books: MUSIC, FILM and the photography books: HIP HOP and MUSIC. 

Product pages contain estimated production timeframes too.

Thank you again. 

We’re very grateful for your orders and excited for you to get your editions. We really appreciate your patience, as there’s literally just the two of us doing all this!

With best wishes to you,

Sally and Sarah 

Monday 3rd April 2023

After getting towards a good recovery from their accident, Sally and Sarah attended two gallery events and sadly got a bad case Covid each. They’re in good spirits, on the mend and thank you for the well wishes. Please note this has slowed some aspects of production by approx four weeks. We very much appreciate your patience and support as they continue to recover. 

For those who have pre-ordered the HIP HOP and ART books, books continue production albeit a little slower. Each book is printed one-by-one going through various processes from printing text pages to cover, hand-making hardback covers, binding to trimming and finishing. Production then packaging and preparation for shipment completion.

These books have been a huge undertaking, particularly for Sally who has single-handedly designed over 600 pages between the two books since you placed your order. 

We will mark your order fulfilled when it goes through finishing and for those who selected a tracked service, we will update your account with tracking information as soon as available.

Please allow IRO 20 working days for delivery, depending on distance. Please note Royal Mail have been striking and have also come under cyber attack therefore all timings are estimated. 

The Music book and V4N1 of the magazine are in writing and design stages.

Thank you for your orders!

Friday 23rd December

Oh what a year! Todays mark’s the first anniversary of our infamous bike accident. It’s been an extremely challenging 365 days. Sarah and I have kept relatively quiet about the recovery, because we didn’t know how we’d get on and in all honesty it’s been gruelling. Between trying to work we’ve done intense physio. 

The specialists hadn’t seen the injuries we’d sustained before, the closest they could diagnose was an Essex Lopresti, they planned non-operative, experimental treatment and often had big internal meetings to discuss plans and progress. As we began rehab, we’d have to walk to the hospital at least twice a week, the step count was high, so it took extra energy. 

Essentially, we’ve rebuilt our left arm and hand each and continue to work in strengthening. We’ve had to push ourselves more than we knew possible, but my gosh human bodies are extraordinary and I don’t think I’d ever take mine for granted. Seeing it rebuild over the year is incredible. And a tip: it heals faster with fresh food. 

It’s still painful, but less each day, we’ve got until February to see how we’ll fair, but I’m glad to report we’re on the right track. 

Sarah’s face is healing really well too. 

We’re excited to pick up on paused plans and have some great things coming for you. 

Sarah and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and patience this year.

Thursday 22nd December update:

Due to increased demand of books, dispatch may seem a little longer than usual. Our team are doing all they can to get your books out as quickly as possible while maintaining the desired quality. 

Please note the UK is experiencing many kind of delays including delivery due to strikes, staff shortages and adverse weather. 

Rest assured your order will be with you as quickly as humanly possible. 

We care about our teams and suppliers and know no-one deserves to be put under pressure going about their work. We support the reasons for the postal strikes which include their unsatisfactory working conditions. Standing by people to be able to work and live at good standards is something we support wholeheartedly and are sure you do too. 

Therefore, we politely request patience so your order is completed to the quality we are known for. Orders will be fulfilled as soon as they are into the shipping system. Tracking may be added at a later date due to the aforementioned hold ups. 

Thank you.

Saturday 17th December update:

We are making some good headway as we continue to work around the clock to bring you your books as soon as we can. 

Please kindly exercise patience with Sally and Sarah as they work while continuing their recoveries.

Wednesday 14th December update:

With so many strikes as well as Royal Mail and the impacts of Brexit we continue to work long hours on our new releases to make them the best possible for you. The unexpected obstacles are challenging, but we are doing everything we can to manage. 

We’ve been figuring out logistics and investigating alternative shipping all the while making sure our high standards are met. As soon as we have the news we require, we’ll be posting an update here again.

Thank you as always.

Book Production update:

Sally and Sarah have been working around-the-clock to bring you the beautiful HIP HOP and ART books. Pre-ordered books require hand finishing touches from Sarah and Sally. They are working hard to have pre-ordered books delivered before the holidays.

Please check here for updates and do not email Sally or Sarah unless you need to change your address or have a special request that isn’t answered here. Please note the books are made-to-order with high quality production values, items will not be rushed so they can be enjoyed and long lasting.

HIP HOP book full line-up revealed:

We’re thrilled to share the full line-up of the HIP HOP book: 

André 3000

Beastie Boys

Chuck D

Joey Bada$$

Lupe Fiasco

The Neptunes / N.E.R.D

Organized Noize




In addition, HIP HOP will feature: 

For the 90s archive, hilarious interviews with:

Slum Village’s J Dilla, T3 and Baatin interviewed by Questlove

The Pharcyde




The Roots

Prince Paul

Warren G

Black Eyed Peas

Jungle Brothers

Ice T

Q&As with:

Phife Dawg


Ten Essentials from:

Mike D

Mark Ronson

Sunday 4th December update on Sally and Sarah’s bikes accident:

This past fortnight, Sarah experienced severe complications with her facial injury. Last week she had an emergency treatment. She has further procedures in early 2023. She is continuing to work as much as possible, but has had to take necessary time to rest.

Both Sally and Sarah are continuing physio in the hope they can get full use of their left arms and hands. They are progressing well, the outcome however is yet to be determined as below. This too has meant some unexpected interruptions to work where moments of rest are required to assist the healing process. 

They are doing their best to meet work hours and deadlines, but sometimes recovery requirements are unexpected and unavoidable. They make up for this as much as they can. The good news is they are getting better.

Saturday 3rd December update:

All orders including photography prints made prior to 14th October have been produced and shipped. Emails have been sent to confirm. Please note there may be shipping delays due the Royal Mail strikes.

Friday 4th November update

If you are enquiring about an order made prior to 14th October, Sally and Sarah sincerely apologise for the delay due to these unexpected complications (see below), but rest assured, they are getting things into production between appointments, physio and therapy.

All outstanding and current orders are now in production. All final items ordered prior to October 14th will be shipping in the next 7 working days.

Photography prints are steadily going through production with stamps and signatures.

As below, please kindly exercise patience to avoid undue added stress to Sally and Sarah, their injuries are very complex and painful. They are doing everything possible to complete orders. 

An email will be sent as each order ships.

Sarah and Sally and very grateful to you for your patience.

We will further post updates here.

*Please note, Royal Mail have planned strikes taking place across November and December which may affect deliver timings. Please see details here

Accident info / update

Sally and Sarah were involved in a serious accident while out on bicycles in central London in December 2021. Further tests were carried out over the next several months along with specialist appointments.

These have shown the injuries sustained are significant including an Essex Lopresti each; much more complicated than initially thought which has unfortunately delayed all orders. Sally and Sarah require 12 months to heal with the hope for a full recovery. They are currently doing intense physiotherapy and hand therapy. Sarah broke several bones in her face in the accident. Sally has complications with a knee injury. Unfortunately, there are some complications. Sarah is awaiting another surgery and more consultations to work out a plan. Sally is awaiting an appointment with a lower limb specialist. We are crossing everything for the best possible outcome. 

In arm and hand news, Sally and Sarah are continuing with the rebuild under the care of the fantastic physiotherapists and hand therapy teams at the hospital here in London. They are making good progress and require care until at least February 2023.

As always, thanks for your continued support. 

Sally and Sarah apologise for this causing delays on productions but are slowly and gratefully getting things done. 

Sally and Sarah tend to each order personally, appreciate your patience and are eager for you to get your orders.

Please however, kindly exercise patience to avoid further undue stress to Sally and Sarah.

A gentle reminder, prints and items in the ‘fanzine collection’ have been made available and priced at favourable rates to assist with Sarah and Sally’s rehabilitation. You may well have been directed to BLAG via a wonderful musician or artist and we appreciate and admire the support and community of it all. 

Sally and Sarah are extremely grateful to everyone and advise patience as part of the buying process. They’re doing their best and getting items made, but slower than anticipated, just a small caveat, as above Sarah and Sally are hands-on with orders and may need a little flexibility regarding specialist appointments, intense physiotherapy and well-being. You will of course, be kept informed here or by email.

Please note: All items are made-to-order – with the exception of back issues – for uniqueness, thus production timeframes should be factored in when ordering. We make made-to-order items to avoid waste, so we very much appreciate your custom. 

To support Sarah and Sally while they recover, please browse and order items from the shop. 

They very much appreciate everybody’s well wishes, support and patience.