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27th February 2023

Addicted Art Gallery: Sarah J. & Sally A. Edwards: The Beat Goes On, Hip Hop Through The Lens

26th September 2022

Addicted Art Gallery: Only Human: How Sisters Sarah J. & Sally A. Edwards Disarm Performers To Create Intimate Art Portraits 

1st March 2021

GQ Magazine, ‘Ten Coolest Things To Do From Home Right Now.’

24th October 2018

Placebo talk 20 years of ‘Without You I’m Nothing’, Bowie and their ‘experimental’ new album

12th October 2018

NME.COM Here’s What The Sisters From Placebo’s ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ Look Like Today

October 2018 

Sally and Sarah feature on the cover of Placebo’s iconic ‘Without You I’m Nothing’ album sleeve. The band celebrated their anniversary with a dedicated website and film featuring Stefan Olsdal, Sally and Sarah 

29th September 2014

Complex: BLAG magazine Capsule Collection

25th September 2013

Metro: Life & Style Cover with Sally and Sarah. Writer Arwa Haider

“Identical twin Sarah and Sally Edwards have been the independent identities behind BLAG magazine for an impressive 21 years.”

“…but BLAG’s attitude hasn’t faded: the sisters still co-direct, shoot and write all the content, presenting an unusually intimate on high-profile personalities.”

“While BLAG’s feature stars command the spotlight (previous issues have included exclusive pieces with musicians from Beastie Boys, Chuck D, Amy Winehouse to Hollywood actors Adrien Brody and Cillian Murphy), the sisters’ personalities drive its vision.”

23rd December 2012

The Observer, The New Review & The Guardian

Cover story by Sarah J. Edwards, Obituary for Adam Yauch

“Adam Yauch was a very gentle, kind-spirited and big-hearted human being and he was one of my dearest friends.”

Credit: Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd

31st August 2021

Huffington Post: BLAG – The Longstanding, Revered, Cutting-Edge British Magazine Turns 20


CoolBrands – Sarah J. Edwards Expert Board Member

4th October 2007

MediaGuardian Changing Advertising Summit

Advertiser-funded content and advertorial models. Is this the future of advertising?

Speaker: Sarah J. Edwards

Credit: Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd

December 2006

Digital Photo Pro. Editor: Terry Hope

Main Feature: “Big in BLAG: Sarah J. Edwards on shooting for the ultimate style mag.”

24th November 2006

British Vogue. Editor: Alexandra Shulman

“You seem to have persuaded some interesting people to feature in the magazine which is never easy.”

25th September 2006

The Guardian. Writer: Matt Keating

“Unlike other style magazines, BLAG is self-consciously pop rather than underground. Interviews tend to be Q&A and conversational. And although it is a well put together glossy, the magazine has retained the fun voice of its origins.”

Credit: Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd

Used as part of Open License: http://syndication.theguardian.com/open-licence-terms/

13th March 2006

The Independent. Writer: Arwa Haider

March, 2006

Nicholas Coleridge, Conde Nast

“It manages to be highbrow, lowbrow, edgy and cultured all at the same time. Clever.”

November 2005

Computer Arts Projects Magazine.

“BLAG Magazine is one of those titles which just oozes cool. Created by British twins Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards, it covers an eclectic mix of fashion, music and design.”

October 2005

MdN Magazine (Japan)

One page article on Sally A. Edwards and her Design & Art Direction of BLAG Magazine.

23rd January 2003

The Independent. Pandora in America. Writer: David Usbourne

January 2002

An An Magazine (Japan)

BLAG, Sally & Sarah BTS feature and photography

Volume 3. Issue 10, circa 2002

Tank Magazine

Guest Contribution GZA by Sarah J. Edwards

15th May 2000

The Voice. Writer Derek A. Bardowell

Profile on Slum Village including story about their performance at the BLAG book launch sponsored by Levi’s.

April 2000

Nylon Magazine. Writer Gloria M. Wong

“BLAG captures perfectly hip hop’s energy, feeling as organic as the music it celebrates. With unusual interviews, round-the-world photoessays, and smart clean design. It’s a party in a book.”

March 2000

Blvd. Magazine (Netherlands)

Profile on BLAG book release

December 1999

Sleaze Nation. Writer: Wendy Levy

On the BLAG book.


11th December 1999

Echoes. Writer: Tee Max

“BLAG has achieved cult status around the world. The cutting edge mag has fans in Japan, much of Europe and a number of people in the States. In fact Vibe magazine is said to be very impressed by their exploits. Not bad for two twins from Devon.”

Summer 1998

Time Out Student Guide. Writer Kate Miller

“A stylish hip-hop magazine. The well-written interviews have a very clean, fresh style and are accompanied by some better-than-your-average-indie-mag photographs.”

“They’re alone in the business in approaching these stereotypically tough rap guys and bringing out their softer side – something usually achieved by the girls’ disarming sense of humour.”

5th – 11th January 1998

The Big Issue

Sally photographed by Steve Double for the cover

Issue 4, 1997

GQ Japan

Sally and Sarah Photographed by J.P Masclet for London Calling, ‘Britain Is Back’ profile on creative Londoners.

Autumn/Winter 1997

Exposure Magazine

Interview and shoots with Sally and Sarah

Issue 12, Summer 1995

Dazed & Confused

Sally and Sarah Photographed by Rankin for ‘Accept No Imitations’ portrait story

Photography by permission of Rankin.

Summer 1995

Xperiment Magazine

Sally and Sarah photo shoot

Issue 11, Spring 1995

Dazed & Confused. Writer Claude Grunitsky, Photographer Rankin

“Sally and Sarah Edwards publish BLAG magazine. Here, “publish” means write, edit, design, print and distribute. They even shoot their own pictures and model some of the clothes.“

Photography and excerpt by permission of Rankin.

26th March 1995

The Independent. Writer Andrew Tuck

How To Get Ahead In Micro Publishing

6th – 12th March 1995

The Big Issue

Jefferson Hack wears BLAG T-Shirt for his cover

Autumn 1994

G Spot Magazine.

“BLAG magazine takes the concept of DIY publishing to new extremes. The editors, Sarah and Sally not only write and edit and design the magazine, they even model in the fashion pages!”

Issue 131, Spring 1994

i-D Magazine ‘The US Issue: Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell Cover.”

Design Assistant: Sally Edwards


3rd August 2014

The Sunday Times. Writer Claudia Croft

News report on BLAG collection at Selfridges, London.

18th July 2014

Metro. Writer Andrei Harmsworth

News report on BLAG collection launch at Hotel Cafe Royal for Selfridges, London.

17th July 2014

London Evening Standard. Edited by Jo Lo Dico

News report on BLAG collection launch at Hotel Cafe Royal for Selfridges, London.