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British twins and BLAG magazine co-founders Sarah J. Edwards and Sally A. Edwards

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  • The Smile Release ‘Bending Hectic’ Today, Upon Calls From Fans and Critics

    Today, The Smile – Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Tom Skinner, release their brand new single and first material of 2023 ‘Bending Hectic.’ Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, the track features strings by London Contemporary Orchestra and was produced by Sam Petts-Davis.

  • Invitation from Sally & Sarah

    Support independent and original content Dive into the heart of specifically curated music, art, film and culture content, brought to you directly by Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards Enjoy unique and charismatic writing and learn all about what sparks creatives We ask the questions others don’t with the intention of bringing readers and…

  • An Off-The-Wall 1990s Beck Interview, That Nearly Got Me Fired

    Somewhere in the midst of 1996, a cold day in London, and I was to photograph and interview Beck. I was bearly out of my teens and armed with what I believed were an array of hilarious subjects from cocktails inventions, music and fashion predictions, Movies, TV Shows and pirate radio.

  • Queens of the Stone Age’s 1950’s Horror Movie Style Video, Carnavoyeur

    Queens of the Stone Age release their music video for the frisson-inducing ‘Carnavoyeur.’

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